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Saturday, June 15, 2013

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XBOX ONE FOR ONLY $499.96!!! Get One NOW before stock Runs Out!

3:21 PM By Hashem Mohamed No comments

WOW!! The pre-order price for the new XBOX One is only $499.96!!! This includes free shipping! Awesome right? Amazon are offering these up while stocks last. Here are the details of the deal below...........

Edition: Day One

  • The Day One console includes a commemorative controller, token code to unlock an exclusive Day One achievement, and premium packaging at no additional cost
  • Kinect is included with every Xbox One. Completely reengineered to be more precise, responsive and intuitive with unparalleled voice, vision and motion technology
  • The console is driven by a powerful combination of CPU, GPU and 8GB of RAM, governed by an innovative OS architecture, to deliver power, speed and agility
  • Only Xbox One unleashes the vast and scalable power of the cloud for your games, entertainment and apps with Xbox Live
  • With Xbox One, you can quickly jump from TV to movies to music to a game
For more information click on the picture below and get ready for the future of gaming!


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